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We Indo herbal extractions is a leading innovator and manufacturer and exporter of standardized Herbal extracts , Spice oleoresins , Phytochemicals & Natural Colors used for Dietary supplements , Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics etc. We have setup a world class manufacturing Facility located in KalaAmb Distt Sirmour Himachal Pradesh India. The promoters of indo herbal Extractions have a strong Pharmaceuticals manufacturing experience and successfully developed new exclusive products for phytochemicals industry since last 20years. The Company is backed-up by a strong technical team who strive continuously for innovation and developing cutting edge process technologies to ensure products consistency in terms of quality , supply and adhering to all the standard parameters. We are known for capability and consistency of our products. Indo Herbal Extractions operates from a world class infra-structure fully well equipped to ensure the purity and fine quality of our products. We believe in evolving to fit our esteemed customer’s changing requirements, matching our products with

the best available in the world, hence we are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to the incorporate latest technological break troughs. We are evolving in a vertically integrated company, involved from farming to production and formulation. In fact today we are leading manufacturer and exporter of plant based active ingredients and herbal extracts. At we have all manufacturing operations and processes employee advance mechanized technology in order to minimize the human handling and ensure uniformity, reproductively and consistency in the production and avoid cross contamination in each and every batch. We therefore have the most up-to- date plant with all the various type of machineries required for Extraction processes and multi solvent recovery. Indo herbal extractions philosophy towards quality has consistently been directed towards ongoing continuous improvements and optimization of the process associated with the production, quality assurance and delivery of products and services, therefore by ensuring conformity to all established parameters. We ensure C-GMP practices, GLP practices and the certificate given by Himachal Pradesh Assistant Drug Controller cum drugs controlling authority.